Business Hotels near Broadway

By Cory Laden

The wide avenue that runs from Manhattan into Bronx from north to south is famous as Broadway. This avenue was known to have snaked through the island of Manhattan until the arrival of the Dutch, who made it a main street of the city. Until the end of the 19th century, this street was called as "The Boulevard", when it was renamed as the Broadway. The traffic on Broadway was two-way but recently the traffic was made to flow only towards south.

The intersection of Broadway and the Seventh Avenue at Manhattan is called Times Square. This place is significant for the annual New Year celebrations, packing thousands from around the world to bring on the new year. Times Square and Broadway are known for their spectacular, animated digital advertisements. Broadway is also a major business hub which draws many businessmen to stay here at the best hotels to carry out business.

The vast number of hotels near Broadway includes big names like The New York Marriott Marquis Times Square, Paramount, Millennium Broadway Hotel, Double Tree Guest Suites, The Edison Hotel, The Premier, and Kimpton Hotel, and others.

Closest to Times Square is the New York Marriott Marquis. The 49 story non smoking hotel with 1949 rooms offers the best view of the Manhattan and Times Square.

The Paramount Hotel that is just a block away from the Times Square is the only business hotel near Broadway that features a library bar and a paramount bar. If you are taking your pets along on your visit to New York, then you would want to consider staying at the Paramount hotel where your pets are welcomed and taken care of very well.

You are welcomed with cookies and coffee at the lobby of the Double Tree Guest Suites. The theater lighting at the lounge of this hotel is a major attraction for the visitors.

Millennium Broadway hotel has 750 rooms and suites sophisticated in the Asian culture. You can experience a luxurious stay at this hotel for reasonable prices. The New Year's Eve festivities are the most famous at this hotel that located one block away from Times Square.

When you reside at one of the many hotels near Broadway, the world of theater in New York lies at your feet!! These hotels located in the heart of Times Square on Broadway are close to museums, theaters and shopping malls of New York. Hotels near Broadway are also very popular or business purposes as all these hotels have rooms that are well equipped with the latest technology. - 30412

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Why Do You Need A New York Pass

By Kevan McDermott

Certainly anyone would like to have a great time with their family during vacation. Vacation is a great time for you and your family to spend time with each other; a time to catch up on lost time because of a busy life of school and work. It is also a great bonding time between you and your kids or between friends.

If you are reading this article, chances are you still haven't figured out where to take your family for a vacation. Believe it or not, one of the best places to take your family on a week-long vacation is New York City. Yes, New York is known for its towering sky scrapers and busy streets, but make no mistake, there are a lot of places you can take your family for a memorable and enjoyable vacation.

New York has wonderful and exciting places to visit. You can visit these places without having to face the busy street of New York. For you to prevent this kind of hassle on your New York vacation, you should get the NYC pass or the New York pass.

You might be wondering why to get a New York pass instead of just visiting these New York attractions one by one. As we all know, New York houses tons of wonderful attractions and you might get lost in their numbers.

There are many reasons why availing of the tour pass is a great idea. You will find the fun and enjoyment, limitless!

Here are the great places that a NYC pass or New York pass will allow you to have access to, and the reason why getting these passes is the best choice. 1. The Empire State Building Observatory. 2. The American Museum of Natural History & Rose Center. 3. The Guggenheim Museum. 4. The Museum of Modern Art. 5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cloisters.

These are places that you cannot just go to whenever you want because so many are visiting them. But who would not want to go? These are the 5 world's most renowned museums after all. Without the New York Pass, it would be so hard to enter these places of learning and fun that the whole family would enjoy.

What is more with this NYC Pass, is the savings that you would get. Any person who will avail himself and others of this pass will save as much as 44% less than the usual tickets if compared. This savings could still mean a lot to your vacation. These reasons may be few but they will speak to your satisfaction. - 30412

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Scope Out Trusted New York Locksmith Services

By Jake Shokey

Good locksmiths can perform numerous tasks. A lot of the time, they are busy cutting new house keys or unlocking a lock for someone if they got locked out of a residence, business, or vehicle. Whenever you find yourself in an emergency situation you probably are not worried about the amount of money you actually spend. You are probably only worried about fixing the troubles at the time. If you feel like this, this article will give you a heads up on usual charges so that you avoid scammers and locate an honest locksmith in New York.

Numerous NY locksmithcompanies are started by scammers who want to hustle anyone in immediate need of a locksmith into shelling out an extravagant amount of money for a service as easy as a automotive lockout. Professional companies follow somewhat of a average on where they mark the pricing. Locksmiths should make sure the pricing is competitive and customer satisfaction is high in order to be a successful business.

In most instances, locksmith companies offer lock picking services for houses and office buildings for around $10.00 to $20.00. The price varies due to the brands of locks available and does not include all the labor charges. If you have an auto lock-out, prices will usually be a little more. Car lock-outs normally range from $25.00 to $40.00, without any other charges. The price increase is due to the fact that vehicle locks are made with several kinds of tools, which means the technician may be forced to use special tools to open the lock.

If you ever want to unlock a more security-specialized door, the charge will probably be a little more. Technologically advanced locking devices would include all forms of security access control locks such as types with a electronic key card and voice analysis. These devices are significantly more difficult to unlock and involve more knowledge and training. Any certified locksmith should be able to unlock your door in no time, therefore cost of labor should be kept pretty low.

Finally, if you still have any questions about prices just pick up the phone and call a locksmith in New York. They should definitely be able to make you a better estimate. - 30412

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Easy Steps To Have The Best Broadway Vacation

By Jen Cook

New York City is known for a lot of things, but probably the most notable attraction in the city is Broadway. Broadway is a theater district in the heart of Manhattan that features the best theater productions in the world. Here you will see the most provocative, opulent, avant guard, and touching productions that are out there. However, the perfect Broadway vacation is not just about the shows. It is also about your lodging, the sites of the city, and the restaurants in the area.

Broadway on the Boards

There are often a variety of productions to see on Broadway, but currently there's so much variety to be seen . One of the largest must see a money maker on Broadway has to be'Wicked'. Wicked chronicles the spellbinding land of OZ before Dorothy went to visit, and it appears that OZ isn't quite what we might have thought it to be. Crammed with monumental music, eye popping effects, and gorgeous costumes this show shouldn't be missed.

If you really want a taste of the city then you must check out In The Heights. This Tony award winning musical truly captures the Puerto Rican culture of Brooklyn in both its music and choreography. This production took the theater world by storm, and people are still talking about it.

For those that wish to see the final word in Broadway vision then you need to check out Disney's production of Mary Poppins. In this fantastic production you will see all of the Disney sorcery that you have been having dreams about together with pretty music, rich costumes, and inspiring choreography.

Looking for a place to stay?

For the budget-minded there is a selection of reasonable hotels near Broadway. When doing your research you are going to want to have a look for those that are near the Times Square area which is really the center of the Broadway district. Most of the hotels in this area feature the historical influence of New York, but there are so more contemporary feeling selections like the W hotel or the Mariott Marquis.

Where to Get a Bite

The good news is that you will not be at a loss when it comes to cuisine while on your Broadway vacation. The Broadway area is filled with some of the best restaurants in the city in addition to some familiar chains like Sabarro and McDonalds. If you want to take a bit of a walk you may want to walk over to 8th avenue because that is where some of the best restaurants are hidden. It is always a good idea to ask the locals where they like to eat. So if you are at the box office buying tickets for your show you might want to ask the attendant where they would recommend that you eat. Additionally, your playbill will often have advertisements of great places to eat that are around the theater district. Lastly, any of the hotels near Broadway can usually give you some fantastic recommendations since they know the area best. - 30412

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Things Are Getting Better For The Knicks

By Adam Hogan

It's been a terrible run of basketball for fans of the Knicks in New York. The team has failed to make the playoffs for several years now, finishing with losing records without fail.

After a full decade of disappointment that saw a losing record in nearly every season, the Knicks have finally begun to clean things up and look like a team that's improving for the first time in years. Their losing record of 17-24 might not indicate this, but there are many signs that show nothing but hope based on their current state.

Your ordinary fan of the sport may not be impressed by such a record, and rightly so. There's more to the story than this, however.

It's clear that they'd still finish with a losing record so one may wonder just how they look better right now. Let's look at some other factors.

We have to acknowledge the team's miserable start to the 09-10 year, as they won just three of their first 14 games. As a result, this means that they won 14 of their next 27.

It's been a very long time since the team has won this many games over such a long span, and it doesn't seem to be a fluke either. Much of it has to do with the improvement and emergence of some of its talent.

How has this all happened, and who is to get credit for the turnaround? Clearly, coach Mike D'Antoni has done his part to turn around this team's mentality, but there are some stars in the making in New York as well. David Lee may very well make the All-Star team, and Wilson Chandler is one of the more efficient all around players in the game.

Second year player Danilo Gallinari has emerged as one of the best three point shooters in the league, averaging the second highest total three pointers made per game. It's clear that this young man from Italy will be a valuable piece of a franchise on the way up.

Lastly, the Knicks will have the second highest free salary space after the conclusion of this season. The team is just about guaranteed to bring in a big name, which should once again bring the Knicks to the competitive state that the city has yearned for. - 30412

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Say Goodbye to Giants Stadium

By Matt Ryan

Beginning with the season opener against Washington, the Giants appear to be playing the same schedule that they did in the '08 - '09 season. Not only will they be playing all three of their NFC East rivals during weeks- through 15, but they will be hosting the games against the Eagles and the Panthers. These are just a few of the highlights Giants fans can look forward to this year, even if it is the same as it was last season, the details of the games will be different.

The two weeks of preseason practices and games made it appear, to the fans and coaches, that the Giants had an unbreakable defense this year. Upon winning their first preseason game, against the Panthers, this would prove to be true; the Giants defense is strong and other teams should be prepared.

Coach Tom Coughlin plays a big role in the strength of the Giants this year. He was asked, during preseason, who he believed were his strongest players this year. While he gave kudos to a number of players, mostly on the defensive line, Sintim, Leger Dougable, Bruce Johnson, and Tommie Hill were at the top of the list.

So back to their first preseason game; not only did they win, but it was Tyree's first game since Super Bowl XLII. David Tyree's suffered a non-football related injury, which caused him to be off the field for some time. He is, by far, one of the top receivers in the league, but since his injury, the Giants have added a few other incredible receivers. Regardless, his return helped bring them to victory and, hopefully, secured his position on the Giant's roster.

Tyree appears to be completely secure in his position on the team, as this current situation does not appear to be affecting him at all. He, as always, has promised his absolute best for, not only his fans, but his team too. This being said, Tyree is confident in his value to the Giants, and if they run out of room for him, he knows he will be valued on other teams.

So, whether David Tyree missed an entire season or not, his team or performance should not be affected; not according to him anyway. Even though his knee will never be the same, he swears that his receiving skills are just as good as they were over a year ago. Not only can he talk the game, but he proved this to be true in his performance during the game against Washington.

The '09 season holds multiple momentous events for fans, staff, and the team. This is the 85th anniversary, for the Giants, in the NFL and is their last year to play in their stadium. Once the '09 season is over, the Giants will share the Meadowlands Stadium with the Jets. (Stay tuned next season to see what this brings.)

This season brings a lot of excitement for fans across the world. Old players back on the field, anniversary, and closure on a part of the team. has all of the information, necessary, for upcoming games and events. This is the time to get into the stadium before its time to say goodbye. Help the Giants walk out of their stadium with glory. - 30412

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Wedding Venues in New York

By Jackie McConner

It is true that weddings are very important for people. With this, you will find a lot of people who are on the lookout for the best wedding venue where they can hold their wedding. There a lot of options when it comes to venue like the wedding venues NYC. Wedding venues NYC offer different venues that will fit the preference and interests of any couple.

The Broad Street Ballroom is one of the options offered by wedding venues NYC. Found right at the heart of New York's business district, it is considered ideal for any kind of event. It can handle 300 to 600 persons and offers high quality sound systems that are perfect for the wedding event most especially if there are lots of guests.

The Puck Building is another wedding venues NYC. It offers a huge space which has two ball rooms, the first being the Grand Ballroom which can accommodate about a thousand guests. The other room is called the Skylight Room which can manage 250 guests and has open interiors.

The Central Park Boathouse is a very relaxing place where a couple can hold their wedding. This venue will give the couple and the guests a place where they can look at the Central park Lake together and even take advantage of the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant where they can do cocktail receptions that can accommodate up to 60 guests.

The 21 Club is also another wedding venues NYC that have ten dining rooms that can accommodate up to 400 people using a sophisticated townhouse setting. It also has a the Secret Wine Cellar Room, which was a Prohibition Era wine cellar considered as among the most sought after dining area by people.

And if it is a themed wedding that you prefer, you may have to ask the buildings if their rooftops are available for you to be able to do a rooftop wedding New York. Many of these venues are well aware that you want the wedding unique - as unique as holding your rooftop wedding New York.

A great thing about this rooftop wedding New York is that you can be flexible about a lot of things that you can do for your wedding, like inviting a mobile sound system and a DJ along with caterers.

So whether you would like a rooftop wedding New York or other theme, you will find the perfect venue for you. Just take note of the theme that you like and you will definitely find the ones suitable for you. - 30412

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